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Don’t Fall Prey to A Shark Attack
Common Pool Shark Tactics and How to Deal with Them
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If you play pool on a regular basis, odds are that you’ll eventually encounter the dreaded pool shark. I’m not talking about the great players who lurk in the deep, waiting to emerge victorious. I’m referring to the players who will get in your head, attempting to sabotage your game. Although their tactics aren’t explicitly against the rules, they are generally frowned upon and considered a form of cheating. Here are the common habits used by dirty players in attempt to derail your game.

The Busy Body
Your turn is up and they’ve suddenly procured a checklist of to-do items. In a dazzling combination of obvious subtlety, they might clean their cue, shape the tip, organize their cue case, and anything else they can come up with to say “busy” while you’re shooting. Instead of allowing them to continue their shenanigans, let them know you will resume your shot once they have settled down.

The Chatty Cathy
Pool games often take place in a social gathering, but these sharks take conversation to an entirely new level. Once they’ve taken their turn, they proceed to socialize with everyone around them. Loudly. Conversational topics are typically intended to get under your skin. In these cases, be respectful yet firm, letting them know they need give you a moment of silence.

The Bully
If the previous tactics aren’t working in their favor, this opponent will resort to verbal threats and even physical intimidation. Against their brute force, you can easily become so frazzled it may be impossible to continue shooting. If needed, walk away and take a deep breath before returning to play. Don’t let these guys bully you into losing the match.

These types of pool sharks are immature and unprofessional, but it’s not likely they’ll be going away any time soon. The best you can do is ignore them or handle the situation in a calm, mature manner. You can let these bullies know you won’t tolerate their behavior without succumbing to their levels.

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