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At SoCal Pool Tables, we offer the most beautiful, professionally installed pool tables at the lowest prices you can get. All our pool tables are made from top quality slate, championship 21 oz. felt in the color of your choice, and come with free delivery and setup, as well as a free accessory kit. When it comes to installing pool tables, precision and perfection are our specialty.

We also offer other dartboards, poker tables, and other pool and game room accessories.

Here at our blog, we’ll keep you updated about our company, our products, and the world of pool at large. Check back often for the latest news.

Top 6 Pool Players of all Time

The game of pool is one of the most stylish and sophisticated indoor games in the world. The world's best pool player sees shots no one else can. Here is a list of the Top 6 Pool Players of All Time....
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The Origin of Darts

The game of Darts has become an essential component of many a man cave, game room, or English pub. But the simple game of darts, innocuous as it may seem; has a long history spanning more than a hundred years. Though no accurate records of its origin exist, it can be considered a fact that it originated in England. How exactly this game came into being is more of a mystery. Some accounts assert that King Henry VIII wanted his...
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How to Play Bumper Pool

Bumper Pool is a variant of Pool that was developed to allow people to play the game on a smaller table, and for much smaller houses and spaces. It is a 2-player game that uses sticks or “cues” which are roughly half the length of a regular pool cue, and features a multi-sided table with obstacles called “bumpers” to make the game more challenging...
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The Basic types of Pool Cues

So you fancy yourself as some sort of pool shark, a master of the cues? Well; master, have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of pool cues: why some cues are thinner, and why some cues are thicker? Well; here at So Cal Pool Tables, we fancy ourselves as pool meisters who know a little something about the game, so allow us to shed some light on...
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Caring for your Poker Table

Investing in a piece of furniture is always a good idea: each piece you buy adds a facet of your unique style to your home, and of course, the furniture you invest in is meant to serve a function: whether it be used for storing items in, dining on, sitting in, or as a decorative item. Gaming tables are a type of furniture that not only add an element of fun to...
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Cleaning and Protecting Your Pool Table

At So Cal Pool Tables, we understand that your pool table is an investment in future entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or a competitive professional, your pool table is a valuable centerpiece to any game room or lounge. That’s why we want to help you keep your table in pristine condition for as long as possible by keeping the wood, the felt, and the leather pockets spotless and stain-free. We talked about keeping the felt clean in a previous blog, so here are some tips to help keep other parts of your pool table clean and ready for use...
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Upcoming 2018 APA Pool Tournaments

Looking to learn from the best in pool? Why not watch some tournament action? We’ve got some exciting games coming up this Spring and Summer! The APA, or the American Poolplayers Association, is holding their annual APA Poolplayer Championships this year at the Westgate Resort & Casino. This exciting event combines the APA 8-Ball Classic on April 25-27, 2018 and the APA 9-Ball Shootout April 27-29, 2018. Then, the APA is holding the APA Junior Championships on July 5-8, 2018 at the Renaissance Airport Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri...
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Two Common Rulesets of Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a sport that originated as far back as 15th century England, where both young and old slid silver coins across tables in order to score points. Table shuffleboard crossed over to the American continent in the 17th century and only grew in fame as the decades passed. By the start of the 20th century, table shuffleboard was played in highly publicized tournaments on the East Coast and enjoyed by thousands of people across the country. Here are just a few of the rulesets you can play with a shuffleboard table of your very own from So Cal Pool Tables...
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Four Popular Varities of Poker

It’s poker night with family and friends: what are you going to play tonight? With help from So Cal Pool Tables, you’ve got the perfect 8-person poker table to play on. Fortunately, there are nearly as many varieties of poker as there are ways to gamble, so finding something that everyone in your group can learn quickly isn’t hard. Here are a few of our favorite versions of poker and how you can pick them up and master them in no time...
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The “Art” Behind Artistic Pool

No matter your skills, So Cal Pool Tables are designed for strength, beauty, and durability, letting even beginners master the sport of billiards. But once you get to a certain level of proficiency behind a cue ball, it’s time to wow your friends and family with one of the most entertaining ways to play pool: trick shots, or what the professionals call artistic pool. Began in the 1970s and inspired by artistic billiards, the World Trick Shot Artists Association is always looking for fresh talent all over the world...
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Playing Pool vs. Snooker

Here at So Cal Pool Tables, one thing we love about the sport are all the many different variations you can play on a single table. Two of the most popular version of pool you can play on our world-class six-pocketed pool tables is traditional pool (or billiards) and snooker. Each have slight variations in play, and even the base game has variations played all over the world. Here are some of the differences in the rules of pool and snooker so you can choose the game you play...
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Don’t Fall Prey to A Shark Attack

If you play pool on a regular basis, odds are that you’ll eventually encounter the dreaded pool shark. I’m not talking about the great players who lurk in the deep, waiting to emerge victorious. I’m referring to the players who will get in your head, attempting to sabotage your game. Although their tactics aren’t explicitly against the rules, they are generally frowned upon and considered a form of cheating. Here are the common habits used by dirty players in attempt to derail your game...
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A Brief History of Billiards

The exact origin of billiards is unknown, but most sources trace the game back to 15th century France where the game was played outdoors in a manner similar to croquet. Sometime in the 1500s, the sport was moved indoors and French nobility began to install billiards tables, with green cloth to represent grass, within their residences...
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How To Care For Pool Table Felt

A pool table is an investment on many levels. It’s supposed to set a certain tone and bring a particular look to a room, and it’s supposed to provide entertainment throughout its lifetime, which ideally will be many years. But in order to last that long, your pool table needs proper care, and perhaps none is more important than how you care for your felt. Here are some tips from your friends at So Cal Pool Tables to make sure you get the most out of your felt...
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